Linguistic and technological expertise

For successful subtitling, voice-over, EMS and audio description projects

15+ years’ experience in audiovisual localization

Expert linguists

We rely on a network of nearly 500 experienced professionals: native audiovisual translators, certified post-editors, EMS and audiodescription specialists. Audiovisual translation and TV film standards hold no secrets for us!

Technology platform

As pioneers of AI applied to video localization, we have developed our own automatic subtitling solution with SPOTL. This technological advance means we can now offer you new services that are much faster and cheaper.


Our philosophy is to make full use of technological potential, while guaranteeing quality of service. All our solutions include human intervention. Automatically generated subtitles and voices are proofread, corrected or adapted by our post-editors.

Multilingual project management

We routinely handle films for subtitling in over 30 languages. That’s why we provide you with a single point of contact, specialized in audiovisual localization. It defines your needs, coordinates the various parties involved, follows the validation stages and ensures quality control.

Audiovisual technology

Our technical team has mastered every link in the film production chain: editing, effects, mixing, dubbing, color grading, cropping, image localization, etc. We are well versed in complex audiovisual projects requiring the reprocessing or cropping of certain images.


+ More than 15 years in video localization


+ over 450 international translators and post-editors


Support and guidance from A to Z

Translation, subtitling and localization
in over 40 languages

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