Multilingual translation and subtitling

To broadcast your audiovisual content internationally

Your videos available in over 40 languages

We translate and subtitle your videos in all European, Asian, Latin American, Arabic, Hebrew and rare languages…

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Multilingual project management

Our team has experience of localizing films in over 40 languages. She’ll work with you from A to Z to define, produce, check and validate your subtitles.

Online subtitle validation tool

Our platform enables your teams to monitor work and validate your subtitles simultaneously in several languages.

Professional services

Multilingual source

Does your original video include different languages and you need a complete translation? We have the know-how and the teams to do it. We’re here to support you and bring your subtitling project to a successful conclusion.

Image location

Text content in the image? Synths, cards, titles, animated texts, 3D… We translate and integrate them into your video, respecting their original form. No one knows! Your video is perfectly localized!


+ More than 15 years in video localization


+ over 450 international translators and post-editors


Support and guidance from A to Z

Chanel: Holiday campaign

In partnership with FABZ, Média solution provides translation, subtitling and image localization in 32 languages.

Translation, subtitling and localization
in over 40 languages

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